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9 Tips for How To Create Your Best SEO Content 2021

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9 Keys for Creating Your Best SEO Content

1. Target the Right People with focus Keywords

  • Your SEO content won’t reach to the right people if you are not able to optimize it with the focus keywords.
  • Audience research
  • Keyword research

2. Focus on Readability

SEO content that skies  to the top of search engine  has a few things going for it, including this major feature:

It’s incredibly readable.

When your audience clicks your link, every single object on the page makes them want to stay and read it for a longer duration.

And, when they stay and read, that makes your page look great to Google and it helps to increase the rankings.

Readability contributes to longer dwell times with a few qualities that are baked in:

Clarity, Organization, Logic, Simplicity

3. Write Deep Content

A big SEO trend is creating content that goes deeper and further into a topic.

Further more, according to Edge, this trend is going to continue.

So, how should you go about creating deep content?

Write long-form blog posts – think 2,000 words or more, add images or videos.

Explore topics that have many different sides and objectives.

Write ultimate guides.

Go ahead than surface-level research

4. Improve Your Page Speed

A simple way to improve your SEO content:

Improve your page speed.

Help your pages and content fully load and display faster.

The slower your page speed, the more disinterested it will make your users.

Who wants to sit around waiting for a website to load?

5. Invest in Visuals

Articles containing relevant images or videos enjoy 94 percent more views than articles without images.

That’s because we’re literally wired to notice images or videos and respond to them.

However, the impact of inserting well-designed, high-quality images or videos  in your content is much greater than throwing in a couple of random, overused stock photos or any random videos.

Your content will look more cohesive, professional, and authoritative with the right images or videos, so it’s a good idea to invest in them for better SEO and to improve the ranking  and generating business online.

6. Provide the Facts

These days, the internet makes it easy for just about any “expert” to make false claims without any supporting data.

That means those who do provide supporting facts, sources, and data in their content will easily show the difference themselves for the better.

That’s because the featured snippets actually steal traffic away from the #1 spot, according to an Ahrefs study.

The key for trustworthy SEO content:


7. Format Content for Featured Snippets On Google

Featured snippets are getting tons of attention in the Search Engine Ranking  recently, and that will only continue in the coming future.

These little sources  of information may show up on a results page when a user asks a question, according to Google.

Answer questions definitively in your content.

Make your content the highest quality possible.

Use numbered and bulleted lists.

Include stats and data.

Structure your content logically.

8. Be the Expert

These days, Google is valuing authority/expert authorship in content more than ever before.

Reputation matters.

According to Google’s recently updated search quality evaluator guidelines, the creator of the content and that person’s history both contribute to a page’s quality.

Reputation evidence can include the following:

9. Do Original Research

Original research is a giant link magnet for SEO content.

If you can include fresh statistics, studies, information, and research in your pieces, you’ll be throwing out tons of opportunities for other websites to link to you and cite your findings, not to mention incredible value for your industry and audience.

56 percent of marketers who use original research in their content say it exceeded or met expectations.

74 percent report that they have seen more website traffic because of original research.

63 percent said they see more social shares.