Mobile App Development

 An application development has started an amazing era of proficiency and flamboyance. In the era when the elder most people and younger most people in family are spending their valuable time on mobile, a mobile application can do more than our imagination.

Diverse factors are there behind building an app. Other than business purposes, the great ideas to be conveyed to people are shaped as mobile app or web app. Let’s discuss top 10 best android App development platforms to build an effective, user-friendly app.

App development is something to shape up your imagination through perfect coding. So let’s check the options this latest app development technology offers and also the efficient Mobile App development tools.

As app enables device interaction modern way and it is all about cost-efficiency and effectiveness of mobile application, one may ask which is the best platform to develop Android apps?

With passing time, the application platforms are getting updated. The most recent frameworks like Angular, iQuery and React, contain its own bunch of rules.

Market scenario and latest technology trends have forced us to refurbish our methods of app development that can accelerate the speed of product launches & the time to market. It’s vital to take the challenge to fulfill present demand for scalability, speed & availability in most advanced mobile world.

1. Android Studio

Android Studio

Android studio is for android operating system especially designed to help building best quality apps for all the android devices including phones, android TV and tablets. It is believed the best platform for your Mobile App.

As it is specifically designed for android, it provides fastest exertion for your coding and also to run workflow. The structured code modules facilitate you to part your android app development project with respect to functionality. It allows you to build, test and debug your android app independently.

  • Flexible system
  • Allows run on a continuous integration server
  • Supports c/c++
  • Instant run features
  • Productive & fast code editor
  • Quick & efficient emulator
  • Code templates
  • Static analysis framework
  • Offers help about security, rightness and performance
  • Testing frameworks and tools

2. Xamarin


Xamarin is one of the best mobile app building platforms and tools accepted well for native applications, to build scalable app. It is commonly used to build app for windows and android devices. Xamarin is the mainly choice of android app developers in India going to execute image recognition in app building. It is also useful when big amount of local data are to be used. As a mono frame work, it hand-over access to communicate well with the API of mobile devices. Not only that it helps app developers to make the robust mobile application with easy QA format and testing features. The main thing in Xamarin is easy integration of backends including sales force.

  • Xamarin store encompasses cross-platform libraries
  • It includes third party libraries
  • It contains UI controls
  • Faster app development
  • It produces fewer bugs
  • It facilitates linking

3. Appcelerator


As the name itself shows, appcelerator is fairly known to ‘accelerate’ the application development process. It helps developers to limit the lines of codes and thus save the time and resources for Android Application Development. Appcelerator is favorable as a good android app development platform to develop a cross-platform app or a native app. It allows app developer to go on further app development while application reacts with web service. It is believed as a sure shot platform for app development because its codes are platform targeted. It allows developing hybrid as well as native mobile applications. This major app development tool is recognized to support browser-based applications, windows and android app development.

  • Accelerates speed of mobile app development
  • Better limits for cloud capacity
  • Support deployment at diverse locations
  • Can be used with all supported operating systems
  • Offers full access to underlying mobile OS
  • Built on open-standards

4. PhoneGap


It’s a free to use mobile application development framework. It belongs to cross-platform category of app development. It is one of the best mobile app building platforms and tools. It is used for developing a single app that works on all the mobile devices. Other than JavaScript, It works on HTML5 & CSS3.

As it is integrated with more than a few libraries, it is seen as a best app developing platform to make improve the functionality of the application. Moreover app developers in India also broaden the span of app’s functionality using plug-in architecture.

It is also preferred to have the same sense and look when used for app development over multiple platforms. The robust backend system helps improve speed for app development.

Not only that use of Phonegap ensures time saving in the app development process. It also helps to build an efficient mobile application with less exertion because it is a highly flexible tool for mobile application development. Large numbers of developers using PhoneGap to employ new codes and modules.

  • It can be used for cross-platform app development
  • Sturdy backend system
  • Extended functionality

5. Ionic


When it is about the hybrid mobile application development, Ionic is one of the significant app development framework used widely. To develop mobile application on IONIC is easy as it is developed on angular JS framework. Integration of Angular framework to IONIC makes easy the transition from web to mobile development.

It contains different Javascript components as well as CSS components to develop mobile application. It combines its UI library to offer a good app development experience.

Android is most favorable operating system encompassing diverse programming languages. Google supports language Java to develop simple & intricate android applications. There are numerous version of Java.

App developers in Ahmedabad select IONIC framework to develop the android application, as it offers immense tools and services to build interactive mobile applications.

6. Native script

Native script

An app that is developed to be native to a particular platform is called native app. On e can find everything to create, test and publish mobile app.

Native app is believed to be very fast because it is designed especially for specific platform only. But for native app, if you wish to launch your native app on the platform other than its own, you will have to start development from the starting point only.

  • Cross platform
  • Single code base
  • Free and open source framework
  • Fits into toolchain
  • Helps offer better user experience
  • Reduced app time to market

7. Sencha


Sencha is a touch MVC based javaSript framework, an efficient android platform to develop native apps. It is one of the unique Platforms for building Mobile Apps helps get rid from keyboard and mouse and providing facility using touch of fingertips. That is the reason that customers needed their app development faster opts for the Sencha.

Being one of the useful mobile app development tools, Sencha offers the best receptiveness for the app. It is a better platform for app building. In this improved app developing tool there is a development kit to help app developer make coding in HTML5. The code can be translated using important app development tool Phonegap.

App developers can code in HTML5. The code could be translated with help of another tool named phonegap. It does not require time, spent for setup. It is fully supported on google android platforms. Sencha is one of the effective platforms for building Mobile Apps that contains streamlined configuration system. It allows scaling to diverse clarification and so facilitating highest compatibility for varied android devices. Sencha offers extensive support for animations. It is compatible with all the newest android versions.

  • Faster, easy to use app development tool
  • Easy to scale to varied resolutions
  • Easy to use, easy to navigate
  • Compatible with all latest android version

8. Apache Cordova

Apache Cordova

One more option for mobile application development is Apache Cordova framework that can be used to develop cross platform mobile apps using JavaScript & HTML5. Apache Cordova is free and open source app development tool. App developing with Apache Cordova needs an emulator you like to use, Android can be the best choice.

When the application code is written once using JavaScript & HTML5, the application then run across multiple mobile platforms including windows mobile, iOS and Android.

A large range of native features are there to be used as plug-ins. This plug-ins can be bringing into play using pure JavaScript and it makes app development experience, a seamless process. And yes, you can put into practice your app with a single code-base. Low code development tools are much preferred to accelerate the app development process.



QT is the one of the best development tool for app helps create fairly engaging seamless environment for all your mobile devices. It is a fully featured framework with insightful APIs. It is easy to use to design a quick & responsive user interface. It supports integrate varied elements and synchronize the UI elements. QT is favored to develop app as it facilitate the function with less coding. App developer requires writing and maintaining a single code base with QT & has access to design, code, debug & deploy app faster. QT facilitates amazing UIs and native performance without rewritin9



Eclipse is the prior android app development tool when Android studio put in practice. It is used to code Java, but it can be used to code your preferred language via plug-ins. Plug-ins is used to create a tailored IDE to automate the process & to make graphical interface. Particular toolchain can be integrated in to tailor IDE.

Eclipse is an efficient app developing platform that runs on numerous operating systems. It supports tools to operate subjective content types. It also supports the construction of different tools for application development and helps seamless integration of tools across varied content types. It is also used to develop helpful frameworks to create new tools.

The eclipse platform contains many helpful features like file management, source code control & context-sensing editor.

  • Prevent basic functionality of product
  • Eliminate requirement of lengthy development process
  • Helps automate building process
  • Lessen support time
  • Fasten development process

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