WhatsApp Nitty-Gritty


Without indulging in ratio or graphs or data of users operating social media sites, we can clearly point out WhatsApp as more influencing social media site. Since initial stage of social media practice, all messenger Apps have won the battle as far as number of users concern. So if it is about marketing or digital marketing, no doubt WhatsApp marketing in Ahmedabad, India will win the race.

Messaging App users made a combo of effective content with audio clip, video clip, images and text messages. It attracts attention entirely because a combo of WhatsApp message contains all that one needed to boast about his products or services. It serves the purpose best way that provides exactly what people want.  WhatsApp marketing in Ahmedabad is considered as one of the best effective digital media marketing tools.

A WhatsApp combo message offers Importance, interaction, integrity and ecstasy.  Therefore WhatsApp   is made most useful social media marketing App and started being used as powerful bulk WhatsApp marketing software.

Many whatsApp marketing tools are available in market to send bulk WhatsApp messages in Ahmedabad, India as per users demand to hit Indian market with effective and satisfied results.

Why it is so popular?

It is mere interesting to know that what has made WhatsApp the most agreeable social media marketing site worldwide. Human psychology says that an audio-visual effect on human being is great and long lasting.  There is always a kid in every human being who likes to see beautiful images and loves to explore new things.

So success of WhatsApp in social media marketing or digital marketing in India is because of that kid in you and me, who likes novel visual story on his or her most loved instrument, that is mobile!

WhatsApp channel is provided to send bulk WhatsApp messages with powerful audio-visual contents and competently contains capability to reach great number of people, also with cross channel advantage.

  • Its free
  • Message is not being lost
    • Direct chat
    • It supports survey
    • Cross-channel benefit

Why WhatsApp?

When one is practicing to hit the goal with his arrows, what he suppose to do? He has to hit his arrows exactly at the point in circle, painted on the board in front of him. But several quick chaps first hit the board anywhere and then draw circle around the point. WhatsApp is also like that quick chap which has all those platforms, having direct and personal touch, a marketer need to convey his points of information that hits the goal.

How it works?

Basically the action of sending bulk WhatsApp messages is performed with an ideally designed software or panel. It works on DATABASE to send bulk WhatsApp messages in Gujarat. Effectiveness and accurateness of DATABASE can claim the success of bulk WhatsApp marketing in Ahmedabad. Database is updated regularly to maintain its effectiveness for the marketing purpose.

WhatsApp is the largest mobile messaging App having billions of monthly active users worldwide. Do you know, there are billions WhatsApp messages in India are conveyed every day including yours!

  • Based on phone numbers
  • Video message
  • Audio message
  • Document sharing
  • Visiting card

When a message format contains audio, video and text, it means message has an engaging content with impressive audio-visual effect, no one can shear of. By sending a WhatsApp message, you have hit your arrow on the board and have drawn circle around that ensuring great success. The exclusive content of COMBO of WhatsApp Message is the simplest way to connect right readers with precise information.

  • Four images, each of 1 MB
  • video clip of 3 MB
  • 1 PDF of 1MB
  • 1 Visiting Card
  • space to write 1500 characters
  • an Audio clip of 2 MB

Customer service

Digital marketing company in Ahmedabad, India genuinely offer best customer service. It is a simple tool; anyone can operate as per requirement. WhatsApp marketing company India maintain transparency well and charge the panel only for the messages delivered on the numbers.

First of all database is filter down for the message and scrub mobile numbers are made separated from the list.

Pay only for sent messages

WhatsApp marketing service in Ahmedabad is offered with maintaining complete transparency. On blasting the message, if message is not received on any of numbers of DATABASE list, panel puts forward complete list of those numbers and balance is returned as per company policy.  Therefore customer has to pay only for messages those actually works.

Generally people choose most suitable time for blasting the WhatsApp messages in Ahmedabd to secure delivery on the numbers.


Cross-platform is the biggest advantage of WhatsApp marketing. A phone number provides you an access to reach him or her without being included in your contact list!

Let’s imagine scenario after sending your message. Suppose the person receiving your WhatsApp message is not interested in your business area but he or she knows someone in his or her circle who belongs to your business area and your message will pass on or forwarded to them as well.

Strategy works

Your WhatsApp combo message with effective audio, video, visiting cards and marketing message goes viral further.  It could be sent to related persons and likewise it could get viral on WhatsApp. The possibility is true for every number and you know the strategy really works.

  • discount on bigger deal
  • apposite to any image format like jpg, png, gif
  • Separate User ID Password
  • You can schedule WhatsApp message
  • 100% delivery on WhatsApp numbers


WhatsApp sending tool in Ahmedabad is really smartly designed software for sending WhatsApp messages in bulk. It is used for marketing purpose in which an effective combination of audio-video images and texts can be sent with one effect on multiple phone numbers. It is favorite tool in market to run an effective marketing campaign.

The sophisticated WhatsApp tool is also provided to create channels.